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or phone 07971 631986

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We will be happy to entertain you and your guests at festivals, parties, weddings, fund raising events, etc., and will adjust our repertoire to suit the occasion.


Please call for further information.


Titles follow of some of the shanties; songs of Cornwall and of the sea; old folk songs; etc., which we sing :


Cornwall my Home

Bury me when I Die

Harry’s song for Cornwall

My Cornish Home

Home from the Sea

Copper, Fish and Tin

The Oggy Man

Bonny Blue Eyes Sailor

The White Rose

Sweet Nightingale

San Francisco Bay Blues

Blow the Wind Southerly

The Drummer and the Cook

Fire Fire

The Omo Song

Who pays the Bills John

Down by the Riverside

Morningtown Ride

The OMO Song

Who Pays the Bills

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